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A bigfin squid swims in the deep sea. In the footage, the camera turns to reveal the bigfin squid in all its glory, its eight arms and two tentacles strewn out behind it. The creature's large fins — which extend off the main portion of its body, called the mantle — ripple softly in the water, similar to how a stingray's fins flap. The see-through mantle holds the squid's click here to read organs, which appear light yellow and pink in the light of the ROV.  Mike Vecchione, a research zoologist with the NOAA Fisheries National Systematics Laboratory and the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, was onshore watching the ROV footage on a satellite feed as the bigfin squid came into view. He and Richard E. Young of the University of Hawaii first described the bigfin squid family, called Magnapinnidae, in 1998, according to a report in the South African Journal of Marine Science . Since then, three species of bigfin squid have been described, but there may be more bigfin squid species to discover, according to the NOAA statement.   — Photos: Ghostly Dumbo octopus dances in the deep sea When the bigfin squid popped up on the ROV feed, Vecchione quickly called the vehicle operators, to share his knowledge of the animal, the statement says. "Magnapinna … all of their arms and tentacles have this extension on them, long, spaghetti-like extension," Vecchione can be heard saying in the NOAA video footage. "It's really difficult to tell the arms from the tentacles, which is very unusual for a squid." The bigfin squid holds all these appendages out from its body, creating those distinctive elbow-like dents that make its tentacles so recognizable.

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While the number of millionaires have nearly doubled since 2012, tax audits have dropped by 72%, to 11,331 in 2020, from 40,965 in 2012. The funding dip has impacted more than just the wealthy, however. A recent National Taxpayer Advocate report found the IRS answers only 24% of calls, making it difficult for those grappling with the slew of tax changes amid the pandemic. Advocates say Biden's proposal may help pay for his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, while opponents argue it may place burdens on small businesses without guaranteeing the promised tax revenue. "A robust and sustained investment in the IRS is necessary to ensure it can do its job of administering a fair and effective tax system," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig in an email.   He said the agency more about the author needs more resources for investigations into underreported income and to pursue high-income taxpayers who evade tax liability through "complex schemes."  They also need improved technology for complex tax returns and tracking income. "And, it requires access to better information so that the agency can target its efforts at the most egregious offenders while helping compliant taxpayers avoid unnecessary and costly audits," he said. The budget increase will also make it easier for the IRS to provide taxpayers with timely answers to questions, he said. The plan may result in more audits for some small businesses, particularly high earners, according to financial experts.  "If you're an individual making over $400,000 a year, you should feel like you have a target on your back," said Paul Axberg, a certified financial planner and CPA at Axberg Wealth Management in Sun City West, Arizona. Certain small businesses may face an audit under the plan. "I think the industries that should be concerned are those in cash," said Luis Strohmeier, a Miami-based CFP and partner at Octavia Wealth Advisors.